Polish Wintery Spring

As I write this on March 23rd 2018, I’m sitting by the classroom window, looking out. It’s cold. It’s dull. My thoughts conflict, is it spring or is it winter? They begin to argue… Spring: I’m fed up with this wintery white This mad, depressing snowy sight Go away you heartless cold Release the sun […]

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The English Pedestrian In Poland

Dark and damp was this chilly mid-November evening. Anxious to get my hungry belly home, I was shuffling through the streets on the crooked pavements of Bydgoszcz, a rather quiet city in Poland. Though, this night more quiet than any other. A dead Tuesday evening. All the lively events of the weekend had faded into […]

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The Polish Demons In My Head

Being back in my home for Christmas was wonderful, but as I was coming back to Poland, sitting in the plane, I thought to myself: “in my home or at my home – or simply at home! That puzzled me for a moment. Thinking about that, I felt troubled as another thought crept in: was […]

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The Kitchen and The Cuisine

Cooked pigeons (gołąbki), duck blood, chicken feet, cow guts, pig tails, pig tongues, pig lard, and sour milk are just a few of the appetizing treats I’ve tried since I’ve been here in Poland – delicious! But they weren’t always tasty. Some of these exotic treats made me want to throw up at just the thought […]

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