Polish Wintery Spring

As I write this on March 23rd 2018, I’m sitting by the classroom window, looking out. It’s cold. It’s dull. My thoughts conflict, is it spring or is it winter? They begin to argue…


I’m fed up with this wintery white

This mad, depressing snowy sight

Go away you heartless cold

Release the sun of shiny gold


Silence you pathetic spring

Of all 4 seasons I rule as king

I will never go away

My wind is strong and here to stay


Oh, please stand up, give me the seat

I wish to shine my rays of heat

Take away your brutal snow

Let pretty flowers begin to grow


Pretty flowers? I don’t care to see

Cold and naked shall stand the tree

And that won’t change while I’m in power

You shall see no sun, no sky, no flower


Oh, how can you be so cold and sour

Move along for it is my hour

People around crave for sunshine and glitter

Not freezing wind whose blows are bitter


I will fade away when I please

People shall wait for leaves on trees

So, when will I pack my bags and go?

Not even the weather forecasters will ever know…

The teacher:

I just can’t wait for the summer!

-Rob Wolff


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